Ouroboros classically refers to one of the oldest known spiritual symbols, a snake eating its own tail. This is widely believed to represent the cyclical nature of life and death, as well as other phenomena which could be represented in such a way. Its modern use has come to describe a system or setup which is inherently self-destructive. Our Order knew we could find no better name for what we had found at the center of the world's unease and brokenness.

Within our lexicon, Ouroboros is the name given to the pattern of entropy which seems to preternaturally trend the world and the designs of order towards destruction. We believe that chaos is not the opposite of order, but rather that our greatest and only true enemy in the fight for personal and societal evolution, is division itself. Contrary to the design of our brains, which demands the proliferation of order and the preservation of ourselves and our context, this everpresent force of simple division and complex causality exists like a virus within our society. When our order addresses Ouroboros, this dark force within humanity is that to which we refer.